Pre-treatment methods

We also offer a variety of cleaning processes as pre-treatment of various components:

Four Zone Power Wash systems:

ar GmbH possesses two state-of-the -art Four Zone Power Wash systems, which are used prior to the automatic paint systems. That is to say, the components can be painted immediately after having been cleaned. If the customer requires a different cleaning method, the power wash plant can, of course, be by-passed and be replaced by another kind of pre-treatment.

CO2 cleaning:

We also have an automatic CO 2- cleaning system for cleaning a variety of components. This is a particularly environmentally friendly method. Depending on the component, dry ice or dry snow can be selected. The pellets needed for this process are manufactured by us on site fresh every day. This guarantees consistent quality of pre-treatment.

Flame treatment:

with an automatic flaming system.

Plasma pre-treatment:

with an automatic plasma system.

Chrome-free conversion coatings:

of steel, aluminium and galvanised components.